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Flat Glass
· Flat glass manufacturers, glass producing and processing factories
· Glaziers and automotive factories
· Mechanical engineering, electrics and electronics factories
· Agents, distributors, buyers and dealers
· Door, facade and window contractors
· Components distributors
· Importers and exporters
· Suppliers of glass machinery and parts
· Operations, projects, purchasing and technical plant managers
· Architects and interior designers
· Builders and developers
· Glass and metal contractors
· Fabricators
· Facade consultants
· Automobile industry
· Solar industry
· Investors
· Flat glass associations, institutes and organizations
Hollow Glass
· Hollow/container glass producers and processors
· Packaging and transportation service providers
· Beverage and food manufactures
· Cosmetic glass, flacons and pharmaceutical glass producers
· Pharmaceutical and chemical factories
· Recycling companies and organizations
· Operations, projects, purchasing and technical plant managers
· Handicraft producers
· Packaging manufactures
· Agents, distributors, suppliers, buyers, contractors and dealers
· Importers and exporters  
· Hollow/container glass associations, institutes and organizers